23 Nov, 22

International 4×4 meeting Città di Gradisca


Thank you all for the huge consensus obtained during the registration phase for the upcoming Gradisca Rally. We had more subscriptions than expected and the appreciation received further increases the incentive to grow and improve.

However grateful, we inform you that we have reached the maximum number of members for the event, and therefore the organization is forced (albeit against its will), to close online registration in advance.

This decision is necessary in order to guarantee the smooth and safe execution of the event, in compliance with the indications provided to the local administrations and to the provincial public safety authorities when requesting the required authorizations. In particular, it is the duty of this organization to avoid problems related to excessive vehicular traffic congestion on the ordinary road network, also guaranteeing an orderly flow when accessing the structures identified for “refreshment” stops, in relation to the foreseen capacities. Also, there is the need to ensure the prompt intervention of emergency vehicles in the presence of health emergencies.

We trust in the understanding and usual sense of responsibility of the participants and thank you once again for the certificate of esteem that you have reserved for us again this year.

Gradisca d’Isonzo 11/23/2022

The G.F.I board of directors ALPE ADRIA off-road.

For information: e-mail iscrizioni@gfi4x4.it